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Here at the Check-6 Foundation, our vision and drive is working towards the goal that one day, every child battling a serious medical condition, and every military veteran in need will have a WINGMAN who HAS THEIR BACK.

Through the efforts of our staff, partners, and ambassador volunteers, we are seeing that goal beginning to be realized, but there is much more to do. Find out how can help.

Board of Directors

Board of Advisors

Check-6 Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are individuals that have gone above and beyond to help carry out the mission.

They embody the ”service before self” mentality and are dedicated to helping others.

" The wingman is absolutely indispensable. I look after the wingman. The wingman looks after me. It's another set of eyes protecting you. That’s the defensive part. Offensively, it gives you a lot more firepower. We work together. We fight together. The wingman knows what his responsibilities are, and knows what mine are. Wars are not won by individuals. They're won by teams."

- Lt Col. Francis S. "Gabby" Gabreski, USAF

[28 victories in WWII & 6.5 MiGs over Korea]

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