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Sue Fopiano


Westfield, MA

Sue was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. Following in her father's footsteps, Sue joined the Air National Guard in 1989. After graduating from Westfield State University with a bachelors in Business Management, she pursued a career in corporate management, working in the insurance and healthcare industries.

After 18 years in the public sector, she joined the Technician force at the 104th Fighter Wing. During her career with the 104th Fighter Wing, she has held positions as a board member for the Non-commissioned Officers' Club, one of the members of the base Marksmanship Team, and as one of the Air and Army National Guard Victims Advocates.

Sue has a tremendous love for helping those in need. She has also developed a talent and passion for fundraising. Once she was settled into the 104th Fighter Wing, she began putting her fundraising talents into action to assist one of the members of her unit that had been diagnosed with cancer. She was able to help her unit to raise funds that were used to help her team member, and his family, to ease the burden of the seemingly unending mountain of bills that accompany this type of illness.


Shortly after that, the unfortunate news came out that another member of her unit was suffering through the same burdens, also connected to a battle with cancer. While this is never news that anyone wants to hear, Sue didn't flinch, she merely rolled up her sleeves and put her skills to work again. A short time later, she put those skills to work again to help this new team member and his family.


While this is never a situation that anyone should have to go through, for us and for those that we serve here at Check-6 it was a blessing in disguise. It so happened that the team member she was helping was also one of the service members we were helping here at Check-6..."CHUGS". Through that interaction, we are pleased to announce that Sue is now an Ambassador of the Check-6 Foundation for the great state of Massachusetts.  

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