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Running for Check-6, The Wingmen Who Have Your Back

As posted on Crowdrise:

"Friends, Family, and Persons Interested in a Positive Future for the World:

Life is too short.  This year, instead of succumbing to the political mud-slinging abyss that continues to consume much of the daily news cycle, you are invited to change the channel and help make the world a better place with acts of kindness.  Members of the military, civilians, and people of all walks of life are joining together to run for a cause worthy of our support.

This race campaign is established to support the Check-6 Foundation, Inc, the Wingmen who have your back.  Check-6 is a non-profit organization based in the Washington DC area that is committed to helping terminally ill children and military veterans in need.  The funds go towards providing these children with a once in a lifetime 'Pilot for a Day' experience at Joint Base Andrews, MD. 

The foundation also helps military veterans in need with unexpected expenses.  Contributions are tax deductible and make a direct impact on people that need it the most.

Those who take part in the campaign will be running races sporting the Check-6 Foundation shirt and logo.  Sponsors can donate to the race campaign to show support towards individual runners, or the campaign as a whole. 

Every dollar counts, and no amount is too small.  Even if you can't donate money to Check-6, you are encouraged to not wait around for the result of what is about to be in the world and to go out and make the change that you want to happen.  This campaign is a humble contribution, but for some of you, the sky is the limit, and we dare you to be great for those who need you the most.  Here's to a better tomorrow and beyond."

- Jason PB

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