Veteran Wingman

Veteran Assistance and Support Program

Another service provided by The Check-6 Foundation is the “Veteran Wingman Program”. In situations that fall into this category, Check-6 provides financial assistance and possible referrals to other organization (but benefit is not restricted to) a Military Veteran who needs help covering an unexpected expense. The Check-6 Foundation has provided aid by directly paying for Veterans’ mortgage, rent, electric & utility bills, car payments, insurance premiums and even food. We have also partnered with business leaders to offer assistance with transitioning military members, veterans and their spouses who are matched with “mentors”. Through our partnership with Veterati, this is a 100% FREE SERVICE.

Request Veteran Assistance

If you are a veteran or current military member in need of assistance please fill out our Veteran Assistance Form. Unfortunately at this time we are low on funds and may be unable to provide financial assistant. But please fill out the request so that we may keep your request on file. We are always fundraising and may be able to provide you assistance on short notice or help in other ways.​ Click here for more info.

Request a Mentor or Become a Mentor

Whether you are a Veteran or spouse needing assistance, a Veteran wanting to help your fellow Veterans, or a civilian looking for a way to support a Veteran, Check-6 and our partner Veterati have the answer. Click here for more info.

The Six Pillars

We will accomplish our mission by focusing on the following 6 areas that comprise the CHECK-6 Wingman Program


Help find employment, networking, and any other needed support


Give our Wingmen hope for a brighter future by helping them overcome the obstacles in their way


Financial aid by directly paying bills


Memorable, once in a lifetime opportunities such as the PILOT FOR A DAY program


Pairing our Veterans and Children with each other to build and re-instill their sense of purpose and pride


We inspire our Wingmen to one day help others in need

Support One Of Our Veterans Today

Make dreams come true and donate to a pilot today. Your donation will be used to help our future pilots and their families.